Our Mission

The Middle East Symposium of Pediatric Otolaryngology (MESPO) is dedicated to advancing the field of pediatric ear, nose, and throat (ENT) care through fostering collaboration and innovation. Our mission is twofold:

  1. Enhance Clinical Practice: We aim to improve the quality of pediatric ENT care by promoting the latest advancements in medical treatment, surgical techniques, and patient management. By facilitating access to cutting-edge research and clinical guidelines, MESPO helps healthcare professionals stay at the forefront of the field, ensuring that children receive the most effective and compassionate care possible.
  2. Promote Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Recognizing the complex needs of pediatric patients, MESPO emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. We bring together experts from various fields—such as otolaryngology, audiology, speech therapy, and pediatric medicine—to share insights and develop comprehensive care strategies. This collaborative environment encourages the integration of diverse perspectives and expertise, leading to holistic treatment solutions.

Through annual conferences, workshops, and continuous education webinars, MESPO serves as a dynamic platform for professionals to exchange knowledge, discuss challenges, and explore innovative solutions. We are committed to nurturing a community that supports ongoing professional development and encourages a culture of scientific inquiry and compassionate care.

Our mission extends beyond the boundaries of professional development to include advocacy for the well-being of children across the Middle East and beyond. By uniting efforts and resources, MESPO strives to make a lasting impact on pediatric ENT care, ensuring a healthier future for the next generation.

Vision for the Future

At the Middle East Symposium of Pediatric Otolaryngology (MESPO), our vision extends beyond the immediate horizon of medical advancements and into the future of holistic pediatric health care. We are dedicated to shaping a future where every child in the Middle East and beyond has access to the highest standards of ENT care, supported by the latest innovations and a collaborative healthcare environment.

Driving Innovation in Pediatric ENT: We envision MESPO as a catalyst for pioneering research and clinical innovations. Our goal is to continuously introduce new technologies and treatment methodologies that can significantly improve diagnostic and therapeutic outcomes for pediatric ENT disorders.

Establishing a Network of Excellence: Our future includes the expansion of a robust network of professionals and institutions. By enhancing collaboration between pediatric otolaryngologists, audiologists, speech therapists, and other specialists, we aim to foster a multidisciplinary approach that is equipped to address the complex needs of children with ENT issues.

Educating the Next Generation: MESPO is committed to being at the forefront of education for healthcare providers. We plan to develop and support extensive training programs, workshops, and seminars that empower professionals with knowledge and practical skills to excel in their fields.

Advocating for Pediatric Health: Looking ahead, MESPO will amplify its role in advocacy, striving to influence policy and healthcare standards across the region. We aim to ensure that pediatric ENT care is accessible, equitable, and prioritized in public health agendas.


Through these endeavors, MESPO will continue to lead, inspire, and innovate, ensuring that our commitment today helps secure a healthier tomorrow for children everywhere.



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Honorary Presidents

The Middle East Symposium of Pediatric Otolaryngology (MESPO) is privileged to have distinguished leaders who have served as honorary presidents, guiding the symposium towards achieving its mission. Below are the esteemed individuals who have held this prestigious position:

  • Faisal Zawawi (2023) – Serving as the Honorary President in the inaugural year of MESPO, Dr. Zawawi played a pivotal role in shaping the symposium’s direction and establishing its foundational principles. His expertise and dedication were instrumental in the successful launch and impact of our first conference.
  • Talal Alkhatib (2024) – Taking over as the Honorary President for the following year, Prof. Alkhatib continues to build upon the solid groundwork laid by his predecessor. His vision for MESPO involves expanding its influence and fostering greater international collaboration to enhance pediatric ENT care.

These leaders exemplify the commitment and excellence that MESPO stands for, steering our efforts to enhance pediatric otolaryngology across the Middle East and beyond.

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